Marwan Abou Dib

Prior to attending MIT, Marwan received a BSc in architecture from McGill University in Montreal, Canada and has worked for several architectural firms based in Beirut and Abu Dhabi. Marwan came to MIT in 2012 as a Master of Architecture candidate and since he has been involved with two tech-related ventures, which are under-development and based in the United States.

Having witnessed the unprecedented growth of Dubai and the reawakening of post-war Beirut, Marwan’s vision for the integration of architectural design and real estate development is unique. His past experiences catalyzed his desire to pursue another degree, one that focuses on real estate. As a dual degree student at MIT, Marwan wishes to hybridize the two inter-related disciplines by investing his time into researching dynamic responsive structures that can adapt to human needs through innovative technology and adapting such software driven structures into the real estate market today.

Upon completing his studies, he intends to combine this research with his enthusiasm towards development and launch a startup that can specialize in an avant-garde building typology, one that specifically targets the hospitality and entertainment sector.