Prassanna Raman

Prassanna Raman is currently pursuing a graduate degree at MIT's Department of Urban Studies and Planning, and she is a member of Prof. Gabriella Y. Carolini's research group. Prassanna's research focuses on global public health challenges. In particular, she explores environmental health and political economic issues associated with inadequate water and sanitation access in Asia and the United States. She is also interested in how the built environment and social capital networks affect chronic disease outcomes in vulnerable populations in these regions. Before coming to MIT, Prassanna worked in public health at the Duke-National University of Singapore Graduate Medical School. There, she investigated different approaches to building aging-friendly cities and chronic disease management in Asia. She has also worked as an economic strategist for the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Singapore. Prassanna holds a BA in Economics and Art History from Williams College, and her undergraduate honors thesis and research examined the economic impact of natural hazards and violence in South Asia. She also received an SMArchS from MIT, and her graduate thesis and research with USAID explored socio-spatial dimensions of urban resilience in chronically violent cities. Prassanna served as a Teaching Assistant for the graduate courses Introduction to International Development (Fall 2015) and Quantitative Reasoning (Spring 2016).

2012 SMArchS Thesis: Exploring Urban Resilience: Violence and Urban Services in Karachi