Samuel Schneider

Hi, I'm Sam, I finished my MArch in June, and am a postgraduate affiliate through the designX and sandbox programs. I’ve started two architecturally motivated companies in Los Angeles— Homestead and Civic Capital— my goal is to use them to help nonprofits and convert every garage in California into a unit of housing.

At MIT I had the privilege of working with Caitlin Mueller on mass-produced robotically-assembled timber structures project for the Department of Energy, as well as a self-assembling Mars habitat proposal for a NASA competition. I built three large-format installations, received two arts grants totaling 8k from CAMIT, travel funds from the department to study new ecologies in India, and helped plan rural communities in China.

Previously to MIT, I’ve had a formal education in the history of science, economics, and mathematics at Oberlin College. My informal education includes a stint as a preschool teacher, transfer pricing transactions for Fortune 500 companies, and wielding a nail gun.

I'm conceptually interested in anthropocentric views of nature, and the ramifications of those concepts in the spaces we inhabit.

Areas of Interest
Art and Technology, Climate Change, Landscape, Postcolonialism, Structures, Theory of Art