Sera Tolgay

Sera is a dual degree candidate in the Master of City Planning and Master of Science in Architecture Studies, originally from Istanbul, Turkey. As an urban planner and designer, she has worked on physical planning projects at different scales, ranging from landscape planning for risk mitigation to masterplanning and regional planning. She uses a variety of geospatial tools such as remote sensing and digitization of historic maps to inform ongoing environmental planning efforts and regional development plans. Her research is at the intersection of landscape ecology, conservation and restoration, and community development.

Prior to MIT, she worked on various environmental planning and urban development projects at UNDP, EMBARQ and Studio-X Istanbul. Sera has a background in environmental science and policy and received her B.A. from Yale University.

Areas of Interest
Civic Participation, Climate Change, Community Development, Environmental Planning, Heritage Planning, Land Conservancy, Landscape, Landscape Architecture and Natural Systems, Public Participation, Sustainability, Urban Design, Water Conservation