Shiben Banerji

Shiben Banerji is Assistant Professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His research uncovers the global provenance of American urbanism, analyzing the imbrication of urban design in the critique of political and economic liberalism. He is currently pursuing this theme through two book projects. The first, titled Lineages of the Global City, follows the Chicago architects Marion Mahony and Walter Burley Griffin across the mid-Western United States, Australia, and India between 1895 and 1949 to uncover theories of the city as a non-nationalist alternative to empire. The second project, tentatively titled In the Shadow of Sovereignty, examines the formative influence that experiments in communitarian living had on legal reasoning in the United States. Shiben is also actively engaged in inter-disciplinary conversations on formations of globality. Abstracts of recent events are included on his page on the SAIC site linked to the right.

For over a decade, Shiben has been actively involved in formulating new ways for government agencies and NGOs to respond to contending demands for justice within Indian cities, first in his role as the Associate Director of the Urban Design Research Institute in Mumbai and more recently as a Research Fellow in the MIT Urbanization Laboratory.

Professor Banerji holds a BA in Architecture, 2002, from Columbia University, NY; A Master in City Planning, 2006, and PhD in History and Theory of Architecture, 2015, FROM THE Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA. His publications include Landscape + Urbanism: Looking Around the Bay in Mumbai (co-edited with Alan Berger and Rahul Mehrotra). and hishas received the following awards: Hugh Hampton Young Memorial Fellowship, Kate Neal Kinley Memorial Fellowship. He was the Associate Director, Urban Design Research Institute, Mumbai (2003–2004).

2015 PhD Dissertation: Inhabiting the World: Architecture, Urbanism, and the Global Moral-Politics of Marion Mahony and Walter Burley Griffin

Areas of Interest
History and Theory of Planning, Urban Design