Tyler Swingle

As a continuing M.Arch candidate, I am constantly trying to merge together architecture and environmental design. My BEnvD from Montana State University has heavily influenced my design projects and reflects a strong emphasis in both architecture and landscape design.

In the future, opportunity for the integration of ecosystems and articulated space will blur the line between architecture, landscape design, and urbanism. Architects will not only need to be fluent in building technologies, but also knowledgeable in the changing social, economical, and environmental contexts.

Currently I am interested in working with new mapping systems and digital modeling to emulate a more accurate environment in which architects and designers will work. The modelling requires a conceptual understanding of how multiple systems will begin to compliment each other and the emergent possibilities of architecture and space.

Additionally, I am interested in questioning the typical building technologies. I believe a deeper understanding of context with surface new material processes that will produce a more stable and site specific building technology.

Overall, my interests in systems design and combination of urbanism, architecture and landscape coupled with my technical skills in both digital modeling and fabrication reflect my optimism for the future.


Bachelors of Environmental Design, Montana State University

Academic Experience


Professional Experience

2012 -
Designer, BarkowLeibinger


Sydney B. Karofsky 1937 Prize, MIT
Merit Scholarship, MIT