Eva Kassens-Noor, Sheila Kennedy, Wendy Landman, Kent Larson, Carlo Ratti, Stacy Thompson

Mobility of the Future: Boston's Multi-Modal Transport Opportunities

Last winter painfully highlighted the public transportation challenges facing the Greater Boston region, as the struggles of the T became the struggles of Bostonians and Massachusetts residents to get to work and manage their daily lives.  At the same time, the City of Boston and its professional community of designers, planners, developers and policy makers have invested significantly in envisioning the city's transport future, including holding public engagement initiatives such as GoBoston2030 to explore the needs and goals of local communities.  More recently, Boston 2024 has proposed key infrastructure projects such as extension of the Emerald Necklace, upgrades to the Green and Red Lines, and the demonstration of a Boston-Quincy ferry service that may jump start conversations about new transportation alternatives. Together, how do these efforts advance and help us prepare for Boston’s transport future? What are the challenges and opportunities of implementing transport solutions for 2024 and beyond?  What new modes of transit or multi-modal transit alternatives lie ahead for Boston’s future?


Eva Kassens-Noor
Michigan State University, Moderator

Sheila Kennedy
MIT, Department of Architecture

Wendy Landman

Kent Larson
MIT, Media Lab

Carlo Ratti
MIT, Department of Urban Studies and Planning

Stacy Thompson
Livable Streets 

Monday, July 20, 2015, 6-8pm
3rd Floor, Building E 14
MIT Media Lab
75 Amherst Street

This discussion is a part of Boston Futures: 2024 and Beyond, an ongoing discussion series about the future of Boston, and how the Olympic and Paralympic bid might help achieve a shared vision for that future.  Boston Futures is co-organized by the following participating hosts:  Boston 2024, Boston Society of Architects, The BSA Foundation, Boston Society of Landscape Architects, Harvard University Graduate School of Design, MIT School of Architecture and Planning, Northeastern University School of Architecture, ULI Boston, and The Venture Café.  We have previously held events on the urban planning legacy of the Olympic Games, the future of Boston’s public realm (including the possibility of completing Olmsted’s Emerald Necklace) and most recently, sustainable coastal development in Boston.

Eva Kassens-Noor, Sheila Kennedy, Wendy Landman, Kent Larson, Carlo Ratti, Stacy Thompson

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