Wang Shu

Wang Shu

Amateur Architecture Studio & China Academy of Art

Amateur Architecture Studio was founded in 1997 by Wang Shu and Lu Wenyu in Hangzhou, China. The office name was to draw attention to the "spontaneous and experimental aspects of [the] work, as opposed to being ‘official and monumental'". 

Wang Shu is Professor and head of the Architecture School at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou. In 2010, Wang Shu and Lu Wenyu were awarded the Schelling Architecture Prize. In 2012, the Wang Shu received the Pritzker Architecture Prize.

Amateur Architecture Studio's built works include: Library of Wenzheng College, Suzhou University, China (2000); Ningbo Contemporary Art Museum, Ningbo, China, (2005); Five Scattered Houses, Ningbo, China (2005); Xiangshan Campus, China Academy of Art (Phase I) Hangzhou, China (2004); Xiangshan Campus, China Academy of Art (Phase II) Hangzhou, China (2007); Ceramic House, Jinhua, China (2006); Vertical Courtyard Apartments, Hangzhou, China (2007); Ningbo History Museum, Ningbo, China (2008); and, Exhibition Hall of the Imperial Street of Southern Song Dynasty, Hangzhou, China (2009).