BUST Exhibition Guest Curated by William O'Brien Jr.

BUST brings together eleven established architects and firms to reconsider the relevance of a seemingly anachronous means of evaluation for a work of architecture: the façade.

The exhibition at JAI & JAI Gallery, in Los Angeles, features works by: Andrew Kovacs, Bureau Spectacular, CODA, First Office, MILLIØNS, MOS, Norman Kelley, Pita + Bloom, PARA Project, SO-IL, WOJR.

The selected works display a spectrum of leanings on the role of characteristics associated with the traditional façade such as frontality, proportionality, anthropomorphism, zoomorphism, figuration, and symmetry within contemporary architecture and art.

“BUST – A Conversation” — Saturday, September 19, 2015 at 7pm

Additional information:  JAI & JAI Gallery Press Release and