Course 4 Undergraduate Program in Architecture

A new film highlights the Course 4 Undergraduate Program in Architecture. Watch the video to see the work and hear from our current Course 4 students and recent alumni, here.

"The magical thing about Course 4 is it teaches you how to take your creativity and design ideas and translate them into physical realities that are spatial, occupiable, inhabitable and have a powerful cultural resonance," said Meejin Yoon, Professor and Department Head. 

The Undergraduate Program in Architecture at MIT provides both a deep and broad education in the field of architecture within the context of a leading school of science and technology. Situated in MIT’s rich and intense educational environment, the program emphasizes the interconnected relationship between architectural design, building technology, computation, history, theory and criticism of architecture and art. The Department’s extensive offerings reflect the program’s commitment to the cultural, social, political, technological and ecological issues of the built environment. Committed to a rigorous and interdisciplinary approach throughout the program, our students are challenged to be creative, innovative, and responsible leaders in the field.

Students, alumni, and faculty include:

Sofie Belanger ‘17 
Course 4: Architecture 

Aurimas Bukauskas ‘15
Course 4: Architecture

Joie Chang ‘17
Course 4: Architecture

Anna Falvello Tomás ‘13
Course 1: Civil Engineering & Course 4: Architecture
Master of Architecture Candidate, Harvard Graduate School of Design

Jennifer Glerum ‘17
Course 3: Materials Science
UROP, Self-Assembly Lab

Phillip Hu ’16, MCP ‘16
Course 4: Architecture
Master of City Planning Candidate, Urban Studies & Planning
Extern, Kennedy and Violich Architecture 

Dohyun Lee ‘16
Course 4: Architecture
UROP, Joel Lamere

Daniel Lizardo ‘15
Course 3: Materials Science
UROP, Self-Assembly Lab

John Ochsendorf
Professor of Architecture & Civil and Environmental Engineering
Ochsendorf Dejong & Block Structural Engineering

Maria Roldán ‘16
Course 4: Architecture

Jessica Rosenkrantz ‘05
Course 4 & 7: Architecture & Biology
Co-Founder, Nervous System

John Rothenberg ‘02, SMArchS ‘07
Course 4: Architecture; MS in Design and Computation
Co-Founder, Sosolimited

J. Meejin Yoon
Professor of Architecture; Head, Department of Architecture
Höweler + Yoon Architecture

Euipoom Estelle Yoon, ‘16
Course 4: Architecture
UROP, J. Meejin Yoon and John Ochsendorf

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Thank you to all the students, faculty, and staff in Course 4 — Department of Architecture who participated in this film.

Students in film: Kyle Altman, Nicole Ashurian, Sara Falcone, Chheangkea Ieng, Lina Kara’in, Zain Karsan, Julia Litman-Cleper, Chris Mackey, Hugh Magee, Sayjel Patel, Tiandra Ray, Tyler Swingle, Sakine Dicle Uzunyayla, Kristen Wu, Ngan Ching Ying, Jie Zhang.


John Rothenberg ‘02, SMArchS ‘07
Co-Founder, Sosolimited
In film: Jackie Littman, Wes Thomas

Jessica Rosenkrantz ‘05
Co-Founder, Nervous System
with Jesse Louis-Rosenberg

Matthew Trimble, MArch ‘07
Principal, RadLab


Antón García Abril, Sheila Kennedy, Ryan Murphy, Takehiko Nagakura, John Ochsendorf, Cristina Parreño Alonso, Hailim Suh, J. Meejin Yoon

Student work included from:  

4.022 Architecture Design Fundamentals, Skylar Tibbits, SMArchS and MS ‘11:
Athina Papadopoulou, SMArchS ‘14, PhD ‘20
Anastasia Hiller, MArch ‘16
Dimitrios Mairopoulos, SMArchS ‘15
Alexis Sablone, MArch ‘16

4.302 Foundations in Art, Design and Spatial Practice, Azra Akšamija:
Chheangkea Ieng ‘17
Ali Irani ‘16
Stacy Mo ‘17 - Course 10
Maria Roldan ‘17
Joie Chang ‘17
Rosa Manzo ‘16

UROP with John Ochsendorf:
Juanita Ballesteros ‘15
Anna Kärtner ‘15
Sabrina Henry ‘18

UROP with John Fernández
Benjamin T. Collins ’16 - Course 2
Chitti Desai, Wellesley ‘17
Jane M. Fessenden ‘18
Amy X. Huang ’18 - Course 15 & 18
Madeline H. Jenkins ’17 - Course 14
Scarlett Kao, Wellesley ‘16
Jenny Kim ’16 - Course 6 & 18
Jenny Lin ’16 - Course 4 & 6
Evan G. Marshall ’15 - Course 6
Diya Mo ‘17
Victor G. Negron ’15 - Course 18
Madison L. Noteware ’16 - Course 1
Carla N. Pinzon ’18 - Course 2 & 6
Kathryn G. Sessa ‘18
Mojia Shen ‘18
Emma Pearl Willmer-Shiles ‘18

Sites: MIT Architecture; MIT Glass Lab, Peter Houk; MIT International Design Center; MIT POPlab; MIT Self Assembly Lab; Sean Collier Memorial

Aerial footage: MIT Communication Production Services


Acid Pauli - "Requiem for a Loop (Be Svendsen Remix)"
Podington Bear - "Bright White"
Podington Bear - "On A Wing"
Hereafter Music - "Young Things" 

Filming, production, and editing:  

Stebs Schinnerer - Director, DP, & Editor
Chris Jennings, MINDER - Producer
Pete Nenortas - Sound Engineer
Brittany DeLilo - Assistant Editor
Rachel Wiederhoeft - Camera Assistant
Jeff Olive - Production Assistant