First Issue of 3DP+ (3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing) Released

The first issue of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing was released under the editorship of Skylar Tibbits, faculty and Director of the Self-Assembly Lab. Tibbits takes over the position from Hod Lipson of Cornell University.

"The 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Journal is extremely important to the field because of its exclusive focus on the technology, yet broad scope, cutting across many disciplines rather than focusing on only one domain or technique. I am extremely proud to be the incoming editor-in-chief in such an amazing time of rapid advances, and I hope we can collectively contribute with a unique platform for advancing the field," writes Tibbits in his introduction.

Re-named 3DP+ in Volume 2, the journal is peer-reviewed and provides a forum for research in additive manufacturing and related technologies. Papers in this issue discuss approaches to 3D-printing fabrics and garments, wood, optically transparent glass, and lightweight mesh structures , among many others. The journal is available here.