Joel Lamere's Grove Project receives Honorable Mention in 2016 R+D Awards from Architect Magazine

Grove, a project by Assistant Professor Joel Lamere and Cynthia Gunadi, GLD Architecture, received an Honorable Mention in Architect magazine's 2016 R+D Awards.

“Grove represents a significant advancement in architectural form-making. By combining composite-based structural analysis with inflatable vinyl forms, GLD has developed a workflow that embeds structural logic into design from the very start—and at a low cost,” writes Nate Berg.

Founded in 2010, GLD is "preoccupied with architectural craft at all scales, from furniture detail to urban strategy, with the conviction that highly crafted design, quality, and longevity are intricately linked."

Read the full Architect article by Nate Berg online and learn more about GLD Architecture at its website.