Spring 2016 Department Research Awards

The department congratulates the recipients of the 2016 Schlossman Research Fellowship, Louis C. Rosenberg (1913) Travel Fellowship, the Marvin Goody Award, and the Julian Beinart Research Award. Students will present their research in Spring 2017.

Schlossman Research Fellowship
"Uncamping: Rethinking Refugee Housing”
Grisha Enikolopov
M.Arch 2017

"Design Analysis and Digital Archive of Korean Dancheong Patterns”
Hunmin Koh
SMArchS Design and Computation, 2017

"Designing the Minimum: From Frankfurt to Mombasa, 1929-1956”
Rixt Woudstra
PhD Candidate in History, Theory and Criticism of Architecture and Art

Louis C. Rosenberg (1913) Travel Fellowship
"Collectively Alone”
Kristina Eldrenkamp
M.Arch 2017

"Imagined Worlds: Contextualizing Etienne-Louis Boulee’s Drawings for the Biblioteque du Roi”
Nicholas Pacula
SMArchS Architectural Design, 2017

Thanks to the faculty on the Schlossman Research/Rosenberg Travel Fellowships Selection Committee: Timothy Hyde, Takehiko Nagakura, and William O’Brien Jr.

Marvin E. Goody Award
The Marvin E. Goody Award is awarded to a MIT graduate student in any department at MIT who is expecting to complete his or her Master’s  thesis at the end of the following term that explores the bond between good design and good building, extends the horizons of existing building techniques and materials, and fosters links between the academic world and the building industry.  

“Drone-based Assembly System for Generative Design and High-tolerance Construction”
Zhao Ma
M. Arch and M.Eng. in Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2017

Thanks to the faculty on the selection committee: James Wescoat, John Ochsendorf, Herbert Einstein, Admir Masic.

Julian Beinart Research Award
The recipient of the second annual Julian Beinart Research Award is Joohui Son (M.Arch ’17) for his proposal, Enclave: Testing City for Reunification of Korea. His research is about the 'Kaesong Industrial Complex’, a small industrial city built by both North Korea and South Korea together in 2004. Joshua is researching "the role of architecture in the city as a social condenser between two societies."

This award was created by alumni in 2013 in honor of Prof. Julian Beinart who taught the Theory of City Form class from 1977 to 2013.  The award is given to a graduate student in the School of Architecture and Planning to support research covering a broad field of investigation into city design or theoretical propositions about the form of cities, in the field of architecture and urbanism.