Spring 2019 Studio & Thesis Reviews

Tuesday, May 14
4.154 Architecture Option Studios

1–6 PM
WorkLive Queens
Dan Wood, Sam Ghantous
North Dome & Corner

1–6 PM
Off-Campus: Transforming the Monastery of Toumliline
Linna Choi, Tarik Oualalou, Maya Shopova
7-429/Long Lounge

11–3 PM
Antwerp Plazas
Alexander D’Hooghe

Wednesday, May 15

10–6 PM
4.152 Architecture Design Core Studio II
Public Body Building: A New YMCA
Mariana Ibañez, William O’Brien Jr., Rosalyne Shieh
7-429/Long Lounge & Adjacent pin-up space

Thursday, May 16
4.154 Architecture Option Studios

10–6 PM
Arrival City: Athens
Marc Simmons
South Dome & Corner

1–6 PM
Collective Architecture Studio
Ana Miljački
7-429/Long Lounge

1–6 PM
Thresholds: West Meets East
Yolande Daniels
North Dome & Corner

Friday, May 17, 9:30–5:30 PM
Thesis Reviews: BSAD, SMArchS & SMBT
E14, Media Lab, 6th Floor

Monday, May 20, 9–6 PM
4.390 Art, Culture and Technology Studio Reviews
Judith Barry & ACT Faculty

Tuesday, May 21, 1:30–4:30 PM
4.021 Design Studio: How to Design (Almost) Anything
Paul Pettigrew, Hans Tursack
E14, Media Lab, Lobby

Wednesday, May 22, 9–12 PM
4.024 Architecture Design Studio II
Cristina Parreño Alonso
7-429/Long Lounge

Friday, May 24, 1:30–4:30 PM
4.022 Design Studio: Introduction to Design Techniques and Technologies
Jeremy Jih, Danniely Staback
7-429/Long Lounge