Three Students Launch Micro-Gallery Company, Tekuma

Three MArch students, Tengjia Liu, Kun Qian and Marwan Abou Dib recently created Tekuma, to help bridge the divide between creators of art and potential clientele, with the help of the MIT Global Founders’ Skills Accelerator. Their goal is to set up physical exhibition spaces in apartments listed on rental sites that can be accessed digitally, and to facilitate the sale of exhibited artwork. The system provides viewers with detailed information about the artists, and provides the artists immediate feedback with a social-media component. 

“As a traveler, you don’t have to go to the gallery; the gallery kind of comes to you,” said Marwan Aboudib, co-founder and CEO.

After conducting trials in Memorial Lobby, the Media Lab and the Sloan Building, the trio will demonstrate their idea on September 12 at the accelerator's Demo Day, along with the other successful teams nurtured by the accelerator program. 

Learn more about Tekuma on their website.

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