Zain Karsan (M.Arch ‘18) receives QuarraMatter Fellowship

Zain Karsan (M.Arch ‘18) is the recipient of the 2017 QuarraMatter Fellowship. Now in its third year, the QuarraMatter Fellowship allows students to spend a summer working with Quarra Stone, a stone fabricator in Madison, Wisconsin. Two fellows work closely with fabricators at Quarra to develop and implement a large-scale stone artifact; the intent of the research is to build processes that improve accuracy in production techniques and reduce the gap between drawing, modeling, and making.

The fellowship was established as a collaboration between Matter Design, led by Assistant Professor Brandon Clifford and partner Wes McGee, Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan, and Jim Durham, QuarraStone, as a collaborative research project bridging industry and academy to advance digital and computational modeling and fabrication processes.

Karsan is interested in the relationship between materials and computational processes; his current work focuses on the design of fabrication tools to reconsider our interaction with materials. Karsan received his undergraduate degree in architecture from the University of Waterloo in 2013. He has worked on a variety of installations with GLD, WOJR, and the Self Assembly Lab, and worked for a number of architecture practices in Toronto, New York, and Boston.fabrica

Past fellows Dustin Brugmann and Luisel Zayas (2015) designed and built a cairn; Ines Ariza and Shan Sutherland (2016) developed a method for carving and casting metal details into a white marble shell structure.

Pictured Fellows: Zain Karsan (MIT) and Layth Mahdi (University of Michigan)