4.021 How To Design Spring 2021 Project 2

A selection of student work from Project 2 of our Spring 2021 remote iteration of 4.021 How To Design studio, co-taught by Paul Pettigrew and Michael Stradley with TA team Carolyn Tam and Nare Filiposyan.

Project 2 challenged students to craft an object which modulates/mediates light. Projects were constrained to paper as a primary material. Students developed unique design responses to questions of functionality, transparency/translucency, materiality, fabrication (often at-home), and many others. 

Featured student work:

[1] Sylvie Waft

[3] Viktor Baltin

[3] Tianze Jiang

[4] Collin Wen

[5] Katherine Zhao

[6] Harmanpreet Kaur

[7] Daniel Volpe

[8] Cate Waft

[9] Kaleb Desta

[10] Emilio Ahuactzin-Garcia