4.021 How To Design Spring 2021 Project 3

A selection of student work from Project 3 of our Spring 2021 remote iteration of 4.021 How To Design studio, co-taught by Paul Pettigrew and Michael Stradley with TA team Carolyn Tam and Nare Filiposyan.

Project 3 challenged students to design and fabricate a measurement device -- chosen subjects to measure included the UV resistance of various textiles, the sounds of a baking cake, the hour-by-hour emotional status of an MIT student, and many others.

Featured student work:

[1] Juliana A Covarrubias…dissects the visible color spectrum

[3] Cate Waft…measures physical and mental effects of exercise

[3] Jessica Wu…tracks emotions through Malevich-inspired compositional collages

[4] Sophia DiSabato…draws circular maps of stress and activity levels

[5] Dani Slavin…listens to cupcakes

[6] Collin Wen…translates sound into automatic drawings 

[7] Emilio Ahuactzin-Garcia…reinvents the level

[8] Kaleb Desta…orients us relative to the sun

[9] Sylvie Waft…designs a novel tea ceremony which tracks caffeine intake