The Athletic Club | Option Studio

Option Studio: The Athletic Club
Fabrizio Barrozzi and Danniely Staback
Fall 2018


The project situates itself across the river from the Chicago Loop, in an area once used as a dedicated for architectural experimentation in a developing Chicago. One of Mies’ final projects, the 1973 IBM Building sits directly east of the site, a building once used to resemble bravado for early tech corporations. Sitting south of the site is Marina City, the iconic Chicago towers -- once a utopian dreamscape of programmatic amenities, from ice rinks to a 700 boat marina tucked beneath.
Rather than using architecture to exemplify bravado or to curb white flight, perhaps a fresh take of architectures potentials is asked of this context. By pushing the cores to edge of the building, the area between is able to adjust or move to allow program particularities. Program nestles within the gridded modernist grid, fighting over the floorplate between.