Baja Winery | Core 3

The project proposes a landform emerging from the landscape. It is the reciprocal of the gully in section and drawing reference from the existing topography in plan, curating a dialogue between architecture and nature.

The architecture is a device in the landscape. It is not just about bridging the two sides, but a creation of a new ground on the roof which can be utilized as an overlook and for wine festival events throughout the year. Under the roof, the project offers a wine production landscape and a hotel, which are two separate cantilever structures that meet at the kissing moment.

The production landscape allows visitors to navigate between the winery program and natural terrain while the hotel consists of a wine tasting theatre that allows visitors to look at the production process. The journey of navigation and the viewing of the production are further curated by manipulating the layers of exterior skin, structure and interior skin. Translucent polycarbonate inner skin is pulled away from the structure at certain locations to create green pockets that reveal the structure and the exterior almost opaque polycarbonate skin. The encounters between structure, artificial production landscape and the natural terrain are curated.