Baja Winery | Core 3

Perceptually, the growing of grapes is a natural process embedded into a particular region and  adapting  to the geographic conditions. Nevertheless, a substantial component of viticulture is artificial through the disruption of the landscape and irrigation of the vines. This is particularly true in  the case of the Baja winery, which is affected by severe drought.

This project addresses the perception of the winery as both a natural object embedded in the landscape, and an artificial landscape. The winery is designed as a series of two planes: 

    Artificial plane: roof terraces as an extension of the existing terrain-­‐which is a bizarre field of boulders.

    Natural plane: the winery component, which is embedded in the carved bedrock.

    Environmentally Productive Objects: mediates these two planes, providing light, ventilation and activating the programming below.

Color is used as a material in the winery, to facilitate this transition between the natural and artificial spaces, which yields a hybrid condition as seen in the barrel storage and bottling.