Biaxial Tower

Self-Assembly Lab, Atelier One, and TAIT Towers

This 65 foot tower, built for MIT’s Centennial celebration, is an on-going research project exploring large-scale active woven structures. The tower is constructed from 36 fiberglass tubes in the form of a biaxial weave to create a large textile-like surface. The tower will be load tested to analyze the dynamics of the structure and its full performance, pointing towards a future of active architecture. This project is aimed at architectural facades, stadium roofs, performance venues, display surfaces or other large-scale structures that could smoothly transition from one morphable function to another.

Self-Assembly Lab: Skylar Tibbits, Jared Laucks, Schendy Kernizan, Alexis Sablone, Brian Huang, Kate Weishaar;  

TAIT Towers: Adam Davis, Tyler Kicera, Bernard Anton, Dale Harris, Ben Gasper, Alex Serrano;  

Atelier One: Aran Chadwick, Neil Thomas, Christopher Matthews, Martina Buttaro, Richard Bentley;  

Simpson Gumpertz & Heger (SGH): Paul Kassabian, Sean Homem;  

Annese Electrical: Mike Reynolds, Joe Protano;

Bath University: Chris Williams;  

Illuminate: Steve Prudhomme, Rick Taylor;  

Traxon Technologies: Clara Powell;  

Marcelo Coelho Studio: Marcelo Coelho;  

MIT: Meejin Yoon, Hashim Sarkis, Jim Harrington, Paul Murphy, Jennifer Combs, Craig Bryer, Denise Guillette

MIT Center for Art Science & Technology (CAST)
MIT Department of Architecture