Brooklyn YMCA | Core Studio II

This project attempts to explore a new type of urban proposal that facilitates connections through public planes, and creates a morphed relationship between landscape and architecture as a new type of urban landform. Its iconic edge condition of waterfront and urban grid is mediated and blurred with nuances which manipulates the force of the roads to embrace public activities. The programs were roughly divided into three interconnected clusters, namely the community pavilion, the gym pavilion, and the water pavilion. This project attempts to discover a new definition of city connectivity through morphing. It blurs the distinction between roadway, sidewalk, public plaza, landscape, ground, roof, wall, entrance, exit, and boardwalk. It is also an experiment to stretch the potential for architecture to be “zero sum” public space, simply meaning that the land occupied by the building and its corresponding development is given back to the public in a new form, as elevated or interconnected planes that enables the space to serve the community in a different way for people who see it access it, use it, climb it for fun, or simply pass by, or view from distance. Transitional, mediating, ambiguous and porous. This the Y as a new urban land form.