Brooklyn YMCA | Core Studio II

The treadmill, a ubiquitous piece of equipment fills our exercise spaces in large arrays. This common feature was invented in prisons driven by the concept of labor without production. Through monotonous machine controlled motion. The Y Williamsburg edition revisits these themes by turning the whole Y into a conduit of exercise and spaces, stringing together series of programs. A vector of activity runs parallel with, interferes and intersects the Y spaces. Essentially turning the whole YMCA into a machine for play, an architecture that constantly engages the body is formed. It encourages touch beyond the hand rail and door knob, and deliberately eradicates the door in most spaces to allow for continuous motion.

These ideas were highly influenced by early YMCA exercise spaces and gymnasium typologies. The structure and the circulatory elements were tools that contributed towards the fitness initiative. A calisthenics approach to body building is encouraged and invited along the cinematic experience of moving through the Y Williamsburg.