Brooklyn YMCA | Core Studio II

This proposal for the Brooklyn YMCA hinged on the question, “what can be done to a line?” A line can get louder, becoming increasingly thick. It can decrescendo, returning to its original thinness. A line can be smooth and continuous, following along a curve, or it can be rough and abrupt, allowing the irregularities to dictate the experience. A line can bend, pushing it limits, a line can simply snap, revealing its inflexible nature. A line can multiply and divide into smaller segments, allowing opportunities for new intersections. How does a line end?

These dichotomies became the basis of exploration for the design. The YMCA acts as a mediator for the existing communities and the new residential towers. Distinct part to whole relationships were discovered through the intersections on the site and the lines becomes three-dimensional in plan as well as in section. Space is formed and a unique gradation of public to private is revealed. From the inside, these complex spatial intersections are interpreted, as if inhabiting one space means interacting and anticipating several other spaces at any given moment.

The project, while diverse in its program operates as a whole. Ground is multiplied in layers. Water is multiplied and contained within the spaces. So, what can a line do? It can bend, fold, break and disappear. I can reemerge with a new agenda. It can intersect, sequence, and form interactions with its surroundings. It can create opportunities for new programs, and the spaces in between.