Coney Island YMCA | Core 2 Studio

Core 2 Studio
Mariana Ibanez, William O'Brien Jr., Rosalyne Shieh
Spring 2019

The YMCA facility has a set of complicated and difficult challenges. The context of the Y demands security and safety while the ethos of the Y asks the architecture to imbue publicness and community. The building, from the state of the art pool filtration system to classrooms and community spaces is a manifestation and representation of the Y as an indispensable community resource. Central to the mission of Y is the notion of movement as Samuel Moore enthusiastically conveyed as he toured us around the cardio studio at the Coney Island Y. “We’re all about getting people moving no matter how old you are or what you look like!” This proposal for the Y of Coney Island leverages the formal device of the continuous surface and applies it as datum upon/within which movement is axiomatic, commonality and democracy are inherent, and programmatic/organizational concerns are sensitively addressed.