Coney Island YMCA | Core 2 Studio

Core 2 Studio
Mariana Ibanez, William O'Brien Jr., Rosalyne Shieh
Spring 2019

This proposal for a YMCA in Coney Island, conceptually explores dualities, how two things lock together and how to spatialize this.

The proposal for The Y tilts the ground of the site, and plugs the building into the base. Within the building, the split levels hold different programs within wedges that are locked together like teeth, highlighted in the drawings through the use of different wallpaper. The board-walk is extended from the beach into the building and wraps through the building as a central ramp, spatializing the line created between the interlocking internal wedges.

The sports facilities occupy the space beneath the ramped site. The ground level houses public program space including cafe, test kitchen, flexible exhibition space as well as a reception area. Above this, more specified program is housed on a split level, first the daycare and on the second level, the teen space, library and administration offices. As the visitor ascends the building the ramp widens to become the auditorium creating a tiered seating scenario. Within the crown of the building are the residences. The rooms are embedded within geometries explored at concept stage. The external walls of the crown in pulled back to create small balconies for the inhabitants and expose views of the water. The locking of the private and public spaces, base and crown are illustrated in the fa├žade of the building.