Core Studio I

This project emerged from the 2010 Marina Abramovic MoMA retrospective, 'The Artist is Present', in which Marina shared a minute of silence with each stranger who sat in front of her. Performance is a mental and physcal construction that a performer make in a specific time in front of an audience, and the dialogue happens. In this theater, the artist is absent. The public forms a linear procession and enters through long, enclosed entrances. In this centrifugal neo-roman-amphitheatre, two stranger would interchange gaze, fears, confrontation and intimacy would be staged in front of the audience. "There would be so much pain and loneliness, so much incredible things when you look in somebody else's eyes, because in the gaze with that total stranger, that you never even say one word -- everything happened."

Additionally, a series of glass enclosures scatter in the geometrically oriented field. Inspired by Dan Graham's glass pavilions, these enclosures feature from individual solitudes to group confrontations spaces. They create a different space which disorients the viewers from their usual surroundings or knowledge of space. The pavilions derive their meaning from the people who look at themselves and others, and who are being looked at themselves. A catalogue of intersubjectivitity, a range of group to individual gaze.

At last, a group of art residencies sit on the horizon of the theater, which serves the function of an institute, or laboratory for artists to explore time-based and immaterial art forms.