CORE Studio II: Woven Exchange

WOVEN EXCHANGE -  Boston Public Library Chinatown Branch

The library has traditionally been a place of archive; a container of story and knowledge with a linear flow from book to human. As conversation becomes story and story becomes knowledge, we must interrogate whose stories have been inscribed into history.  With a top-down quietness, the traditional library emphasizes certain knowledge and mediums over others, creating a hierarchy of importance of inscription, placing truth to knowledge and value to the stories of the few.

I wish to create a loud library; a library where knowledge and story are not silenced to a book. The loud library encourages multi-directional inscription, breaking the top-down passage of information by equally valuing spaces where knowledge can be exchanged, absorbed, and created. The additional proposed program of the bookbinding and audio recording studio are active sites of inscription: moments where the traditional library exchange is inflected and the visitor becomes the creator of media.

Woven Exchange encourages multi-directional inscription, valuing spaces where knowledge is exchanged, absorbed, and created. A warp and weft emerge from the site forming continuous, ramping volumes. The programmed ramps, interstitial landings, and destination floors weave, pierce, and slide past one another creating moments of visual, auditory, and knowledge exchange.