Court of the Carmen

At the edge of a Carmen - a type of enclosed garden common to Granada - between two hills and below a thick canopy of tree, a path leads to the Alhambra complex; along this path one finds the entrance to New Museum of the Alhambra, a punctured opening in an ancient wall. 

The New Museum, Court of the Carmen, must achieve two things simultaneously, house the wealth of artifacts not previously open to the public, while providing access to the garden above, Carmen de los Cantalones, an ancient and UNESCO protected heritage site. The Court, placed at the center of the plan, coupled with a pedestrian tunnel from the path outside, allows the public to move up through the museum to access the garden. 

The topographical complexity of the site - almost 20 meters difference in height - offered an opportunity to work vertically. The museum is a collection of rooms stacked around the common court yard. Small artifacts are embedded into deep walls, larger artifacts placed at the center of rooms.