Eight Environments Museum | Option Studio

Option Studio: Order and the Environment
Instructors: Florian Idenburg, Sam Ghantous
Term: Fall 2017

Located in the center of Tahoe Reno Industrial Center, The Eight Environments Museum creates a public park amongst the dense and active desert city as well as presents a set of extraordinary experiences between art and environments.  

Over the past ten years the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center has seen more than 150 companies move into the area, constructing some of the largest buildings currently on the surface of the earth at a rate unprecedented to any other industrial venture of its time.  This flow of industry has brought with it over 100,000 employees to the area, making the center a whole new type of city in the year 2025.  Here, the urban is one of and for machines, an environment which privileges the inhuman, the automated, rather than the living.  Within this new urbanism, the EE Museum carves out a space for humanness, for humanity.  The sixty-eight acre open space provides a shared commons, a public park, equip with community lake and beach, solar umbrellas, picnic tables, and charging stations, as well as instruments to keep the space safe and secure.

Moreover, the region and country at large have seen exponential investments in experience.  The experience economy has grown at tremendous rates, creating a social phenomena which drives people to unique lengths to have specific and extraordinary experiences.  For this reason, within the frame of the museum, eight environments are tucked, each which uniquely curate and frame art within an environment.  Together, the series of environments or rooms, create a carefully curated experiential sequence, one with micro-interactions, between art and space, or more metaphysical connections, between self and other.  (The eight environments; Art & Space, Art & Speed, Art & Water, Art & Light, Art & Earth, Art & Information, Art & Wind, Art & Air).
Sprinkled throughout the journey are places of rest and rejuvenation, where one can use the restroom, take a nap or have a snack.

The architecture is one which cares for humanity.  The building frames the landscape to create a shared space in the earth, adverse to the mechanized context.  The rooms frame environments and artworks to create mortal experiences, experiences which highlight and celebrate the characteristics of being alive.  The Eight Environments Museum, a Center of Art and Entertainment.