The Glass Beach

"Many years later, as she faced the 100 Yeast Flood, Sophia was to remember that distant afternoon when her father took her to discover the Glass Beach."

The Glass Beach is a YMCA that utilizes Architectural Form and Program to respond to the changing behavior of the river (Tides, Waves, Rising Sea Levels, Storms, etc..).

The exponential curvature of the facade is an attempt to visualize the changing tides of the river such that the program of the Y gradually changes with the Orbit of the Moon around the Earth. Slowly, the Architecture is flooded becoming a beach to swim in, only to appear once again. The spaces becomes dynamic and visually responsive to the river. Even the way light filters to the spaces underneath would change as the river covers the glass roof-top. But as the sea-level rises permanently, the change of the tide will become less and less visible as it only interacts the upper and less dramatic curvature of the exponential-curved facade.

To that end, this project is an attempt to speak to the magic in the reality of changing sea levels.