Kennedy Longfellow School

Professors: Dr. John Ochsendorf, Dr. Sara Carr, Michael Murphy

This studio work occurred in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic when millions of students were out of school. Throughout the studio we investigated the role of the American school in our communities and came to understand it as one of the most crucial institutions in today’s social fabric, regardless of if you are a parent, guardian, or child. The design brief was for an architecture that would render the school a more pandemic resilient and healthy place. Sited at the Kennedy-Longfellow School, the goals of these design interventions were to create a learning environment that is not only pandemic resilient but is generally healthy with good daylighting and ventilation, is an exceptional place to learn, and promotes and creates a sense of place and togetherness within the school and the community at large. The project understood one of the most essential elements of pandemic resilience is the robustness of the community and the ability to relate to one another as people. As such, the project sought to create a large outdoor plaza and playground framed by a new schoolhouse that allowed for a variety of both school and community functions.