Kirkjufell | Option Studio

Option Studio: The Curious Chronicles of Unusual Spaces

Professor William O'Brien Jr.

Spring 2017


Kirkjufell building is an architecture which borrows many of its characteristics from a mountain in Iceland, Kirkjufell Mountain.  While mirroring elements of the mountain such as scale, form, and circulation, Kirkjufell building is a hollow, ghosted shell, contrary to the mountains poched interior.  In this way, Kirkjufell building allows one to experience the interior of a mountain.  Located 6000 meters east of Kirkjufell mountain, Kirkjufell building also offers views onto the mountain both along the entire footprint of the building as well as the same trail the mountain possesses, however this - in Kirkjufell building - is a long hallway composed of a series of ramps, stairs, and ladders.