Museum of Late Modernity | Option Studio

Option Studio: Order and the Environment
Instructors: Florian Idenburg, Sam Ghantous
Term: Fall 2017


Museum of Late Modernity, Reno, NV is a museum of the contemporary moment or near futures. The concept of ‘late modernity’ (Giddens) argues that contemporary societies are a clear continuation of modern institutional and cultural developments, which is what is reflected in the social and technological changes since the 1990s. There is a ‘reflexivity’ to this modernity which is self-referring, instead of being oppositional, as is the case with classical modernity.

The museum sits on a flat datum site in Tahoe-Reno Industrial Complex, using reclaimed pieces of construction steel (AISI) to curate spaces for art in the landscape as well in the interior. The grid of the plan is distorted, morphed and pushed to reckon estrangements, conflicts and overlaps in the said spaces.