Non-coherent field planning - Urban Design Studio

The project aims to release the site from the urban hierarchies that compose the historical and spatial reading of the context by introducing non-coherence by its users. Through a speculative provocation for a variation on conventional urban plans that promotes a variety of spatial actors and breaks up the hegemonic coherence of the site, an equitable urban project emerges: one that originates not from the placement of structuring buildings, roads, parks, but from the planning of an equitable field, a loose assemblage of objects, voids, and networks which is constantly renegotiated by its users.

Formally, the concept starts with objects that strive to be non-dependent and non-conforming. The accumulation of these objects creates a critical mass, a field of objects and the spaces in between them. The project represented in this presentation is just one of the possible outcomes that can be envisioned. After parcelling the site, 10 control groups are chosen by the neighborhood. Their proposed objects are not symbols of their own organizations but rather constitute an opportunity for actors to advance a range of ways of living together. In addition to specific housing schemes, each control group is asked to introduce a new program to the site, directed towards communal use by the entire field. These programs act as interfaces between objects and open space: They are the collective lobbies from which open space is negotiated.

Through an alternative planning process that brings together a broad range of actors and breaks up the formal coherence of the site, an urban project emerges that allows differences to coexist. An urban project that provides many people with the opportunities to shape the public realm, that is, the field.