From Ocean to Table Option Studio

The project takes on a new formal imagination of the oyster industry in Angsila to promote a sustainable oyster economy with ecological and social awareness. Furthermore, it offers architectural ambition and spatial spectacles not as a solution but as criticism and reflection on the rapid growth of "smart cities" in Southeast Asia.

Oyster farming has been a critical source of income for coastal communities in Thailand, whereas Chonburi Province owns nearly a quarter of oyster farms in the country. With $47 billion invested in urbanizing its East Gulf with an EEC high-speed rail and with no commitment to mitigate downstream pollution, the Thai government put the delicate coastal environment for the oyster industry in grave danger.

The critical site for oyster production bears witness to the lifecycle of an oyster and other creatures sharing the same marine habitats and the labor dedicated to the 18-month crop cycle. How can this project make visible all these agents in oyster farming to foster a greater sense of environmental and social responsibilities?

As one of the key economic drivers of Angsila, this project sees oyster assembling as an opportunity to promote the local circular economy and to facilitate the growing tourism sector in Angsila. By designing and choreographing the oyster assemblies from table to ocean, the project will transform the oyster factory into an architectural spectacle with extraterrestrial spatial experiences and the educational values of the assembling processes.