Order and the Environment | Option Studio

Option Studio: Order and the Environment
Instructors: Florian Idenburg, Sam Ghantous
Term: Fall 2017

This scheme, based on reiterations of a primitive structural unit, proposes to celebrate the beauty of the structural system itself and its potential in generating a set of space which is never fully predictable and always open to challenge in the future. The structural prototype is composed of two free-standing beams, the end of one of which attaching the middle span of another, creating a statically determinate system. With the self-generation of such a structural unit, a framework is formed, suggesting the flexibility of plan. Such a frame work is also free in section as the obliqueness of the beams doesn’t intervene the force flow. Thus, some dome space with a light well in the middle and courtyards where the roof touches the ground are created. framework is interacting with the landscape.