Our Folly

In the near to now future, carbon has become a taxable output, pushing companies and individuals alike to capture their CO2 output rather than face the exorbitant cost of its release.

This project sets itself inside this new normal, an entity that puts to use the canisters of carbon that have been captured and are now piling up in hallway closets and airplane hangars alike.

Both at the scale of the street-side, and at the scale of artificial islands, this project takes advantage of the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Some follies turn this precious cargo into sodas while you watch, others expand to grow new landscapes of carbon sequestration, both within greenhouses and without them. In times of catastrophe, spurred on by global warming and sea level rise, these islands send their help. They drift closer.

You see, they are not only absorbing carbon with their growth, but inverting sea level rise in their creation of land. The territories of these prototypical greenhouses have been growing as the world carbon output does, offsetting the shrinkage of shorelines as ocean levels rise. They are a visual reminder of the quantity of our carbon dioxide emissions, yet they also produce and provide temporary housing for the displaced and have the food and water to keep uprooted populations alive.

These are Our Folly.