Part Objects: Precarious Structures and Other Forms of Sculptural Disorder | Exhibit

Part Objects is a design seminar exploring precarity as a formal type. Students in the seminar studied precedents from the post-minimal sculpture of the 1970s (Robert Morris, Alice Aycock, Eva Hesse), and contemporary sculptural trends that explore material assemblages poised on the edge of the collapse (Matthew Monahan, Tatiana Trouvé, Jose Dávila). The seminar work progressed through a series of animations, physics simulations, and physical prototypes that flirt with what sculptor Robert Morris calls “anti-form”: the material and optical territory of the formless (all that is horizontal, unconstructed, and otherwise base).

On view in Keller Gallery, Room 7-408, June 3-September 13, 2019
Open Monday-Saturday, 9 AM-6 PM 

Instructor: Hans Tursack, Pietro Belluschi Fellow

Teaching Assistant: Gabrielle Heffernan

Students: Nathaniel Elberfeld, Marisa Waddle, Jon Brearly, Jaehun Woo, Daniel Griffin, Dennis Kosovac, Jeffrey Landman, Michael Stradley, Patrick Weber, Thuy Le, Trevor Herman Hilker, Jung In Seo, Ryan Clement, Angelica Door, Dalma Foldesi, Aaron Powers

Precedent Images:
Mark di Suvero, Praise for Elohim Edonai, 1966
Richard Tuttle, System VI (2011)