Pedagogy of The Fourth Wall: Toward a Time-Based Architecture

MArch Thesis

Advisors/Readers: Brandon Clifford, Caroline Jones, Antonio Furgiuele

Contemporary design pedagogy has failed to produce architects that can operate effectively within time-based global crises. In their attempts to address issues of sustainability and resiliency, architects have trapped themselves in a false binary of temporary and permanent structures, considering only time-span. This shallow understanding of time has stifled the work produced by students and professionals today and reinforces the use of static mediums and conventions of orthography. Architecture needs a new generation of practitioners that can think differently about time.
Within the context of a first-year architecture studio, this course is a pedagogical experiment that establishes a working methodology focused on time and perception, rather than program and form. In this course, time is considered the most malleable material at an architect’s disposal. The curriculum engages a new critical eye on time, one that folds linear understandings of time in on themselves and acknowledges its cyclical, recursive nature. This new framework around time mandates the use of time-based media at the very beginning of the design process.