Public Body Building | Core 2

On the flip side to the disciplinary regimen of self-betterment through exercise, we come across, in an acrobatic hair toss or toning butt lift, the pleasures of non-productive labor, the rush of the collective energy that pulses through the Bronx.

On a corner lot in the Bronx, an aggregation of lodges claims a site for everyday anti-austerity festivities. These three lodges house clusters of program for the exuberant consuming, using, wasting of life and its substances. In the show lodge, boisterous showdowns unfold before rowdy crowds on a basketball court, dance floor stage hybrid. DJs spin for mixtures of drum beating, fist bumping, heart pumping, and mass cheering, the churning of dancing bodies—their indexicality and face-dos smudged in the grind. The sweat lodge gathers together generous durations of repose and stilled leisure. The wet lodge holds the pool with a geyser at its center, a continually expended totem to the more regimented folding of lane swimming and weight lifting.