Reclaiming the Lost Civic Metropolis | Option Studio

Option Studio: The Athletic Club
Fabrizio Barrozzi and Danniely Staback
Fall 2018


In the outer perimeter of the Loop, close to the river, stands a perfect corporate, industrial, and desolate setting. Plots are large, inviting skyscrapers to drop inside, circumventing the perimeter through a maximized use of space – stripped from character, variance, personality, tectonics -- The tragedy of the new Skyscraper.
Lost in a variance of spandrel, mullions, corporate logos and over-caffeinated bodies, running from 8 to 9, sits an empty lot, desperately hoping to be erected as a[nother] skyscraper. Nevertheless, as an opportunity to reclaim the lost citizenship of the city, I propose a plaza with a programmable ribbon as a perimeter, juxtaposing the interior cultural anchor to the exterior face to the city. The main ground floor opens up horizontally to the city, while the programmable rooms operate vertically for the use of the exclusive members of the Athletic Club. The perimeter is marked by arches sitting lightly on the ground, marking a portal to the plaza, to the public, to the city.