The Theatre | Core 1 Studio

Core 1 Studio
Brandon Clifford, Jennifer Leung, and Hans Tursack
Fall 2018


The aim of this project is to create a new kind of choir of voices where you don’t experience anything in its entirety but rather fragments as you move along the site, having a more direct relationship between the spectator and single performer. The project creates a series of experience where performers are on the stage more individually, displaying who they are still within the greater whole, where all of the performers come together under a sort of roof: the fabric.
The project is a sequence of different types of balance between conglomeration and separateness. It is divided into the three sites each with its own approach and yet connected to each other.

Throughout the exercise, there has been an interest to look at Frie Otto's tensile structure but trying to play with what happens when you begin to put asymmetrical points of weight and tension to the fabric.