The Unbranded Winery | Core 3

The Unbranded Winery offers a new platform for the fusion of winemaking and community life. This winery operates as a collective of individual winemakers, simultaneously owners and residents, who benefit from the shared infrastructure of the winery---and infuse it with the vitality of their own wine labels and activities. Unlike conventional wineries in this region, which typically take the form of a closed “chateau” on the land, the Unbranded Winery creates a common roof, a platform for exchange and a base for shared wine storage. The material pallet of corrugated steel, concrete and polycarbonate are selected for their prevalent use in the region—in fact, all materials used in the Unbranded Winery can be sourced on a single street in Ensenda.

The program organization groups the grape intake and residential program into the depth of a large steel frame roof, supported by fermentation tanks. The projects’ climate strategy centers on the common roof that provides shade and views, and defines the space of an open platform for the collective life of many wine brands with a cast concrete wine storage hall structure below.