The Untold Narratives

Excerpts from 4.184 The Untold Narratives workshop taught by Rania Kaadan under the auspices of Skylar Tibbits. The workshop offered a space for students to use personal narratives as a design tool to voice their design intentions, whether highly pragmatic or highly speculative. It is a collective for those who make in reflection - remaking a studio project through a strategy of reflection-on-action while considering what design intentions to amplify, discard, or replace. The workshop was designed to develop students' design autonomy, give agency to their unfiltered design intentions, and empower their expression of design identities - to tell their "untold" narratives. 
Inge Donovan (MArch 24’) 
Builds off the Core I project, The Temporal Operativity of the Ice House, by exploring the idiosyncrasies of the flow of time through five distinct episodes. Using collage, the work explores possibilities for layering, overlapping, wandering, congealing, and straying moments, drawing on the nonlinear and irrational nature of perception. The introspective nature of the project also sparked a reflection on the relationship between self and work, leading to a blurring between personal and project narratives. 

Yiqing Wang (MArch 24’)
Builds off the Core 1 project Building Together. It facilitates the self-organized construction in order to stage a scaffolding of polyphonic narrations pervaded with designers’ interventions, assembled to empower the community to actively shape the city. The project is turning (the Emerald Necklace) Shanghai into an activated lab where community members are able to respond, learn, gather, and collaborate.

Natalie Pearl (MArch 23’)
Builds off the Core 3 group project The Politics of Stacking. It explores the themes of temporality and assembly through stacking and the representation of the site at different moments in time and phases of assembly, hence expanding the time frame in which we understand our architecture.