The Womb

This project operates between reality and fiction, to produce a systematic and rigorous description of space, context, environment, and simultaneously the tools and mechanisms for their transformation embedded in a technological world that is non-linear, exists as a shared domain between human and non-human, and creates a complex entanglement of elements, relations, and behaviors applied to a new model of Synthetic Nature and Augmented Architecture. If the tasks for Immersive Architecture is to remove the anthropocentric model of architecture and replace it with a networked synthetic nature and ecology, then the challenge here is to define the narrative of common space or the public.

The Womb will cremate the organisms within decomposing sacs, which creates a pleasant environment for many microbes including Chemolithoautotrophs that process the CO2 and other organic matter from the cremation process into carbonite minerals which are then deposited onto the landscape as crop circles, balancing on its axis creating stalagmites to be harvested. Inspired by J.G Ballard's short story The Cloud-Sculptors of Coral D, the steam made from the chemical process is compressed into chimneys that print out clouds of the processed organisms, which stands as a living monument in remembrance of the life they have lived. Excess nutrients are deposited underneath the landscape from the cremation process. They act as fertilizer for the land where urban farmers can grow and harvest crops that demonstrate different attributes and features depending on the blood content of the deceased person. This compound object is a wireframe character that carries fluid-filled sacs and wobbles on its axis, influenced by the shifting weight on the inside due to the decomposing process.