In Our Present Condition… Recent Work by Visual Arts Alumni Exhibit in the Dean's Gallery

When Professor György Kepes founded the Center for Advanced Visual Studies (CAVS) in 1967, he provided a home at MIT for “artistic tasks that have authentic roots in our present condition.”

Fifty years later, the CAVS lineage continues in SA+P’s Program in Art, Culture and Technology, an academic and research center for the visual arts. In celebration of the founding of CAVS, the works shown here illuminate a new and complex “present condition,” engaged with civic life and creating alternative models of contemporaneity.

Curated by Laura Knott SMVisS ’87 and Nomeda Urbonas, "In Our Present Condition..." includes contributions from Haseeb Ahmed SMVisS ’10, Jennifer Allora SMVisS ’03 and Guillermo Calzadilla, Giacomo Castagnola SMACT ’13, Sohin Hwang SMACT ’11 and Jaekyung Jung’10, Alia Farid SMVisS ’08, Marisa Jahn SMVisS ’07, Jae Rhim Lee SMVisS ’06, Pia Lindman SMVisS ’99, Jill Magid SMVisS ’00, Matthew Mazzotta SMVisS ’09, Lauren McCarthy ’08, Hiroharu Mori SMVisS ’04, and Michael Rakowitz SMVisS ’98.

Exhibition on view in the Dean's Office Gallery, through April 2018. Appointment recommended. Contact Makeela Searles via email or telephone 617-715-2386 for hours or to make an appointment.

This exhibition was supported by the MIT School of Architecture + Planning, Office of the Dean.

Special thanks to Seth Avicella, MIT Program of Art, Culture and Technology.