A week of workshops and public events at MIT (October 1st to 6th, 2014). It was a multidisciplinary gathering of artists, designers, filmmakers, scientists, curators, and scholars whose practices inspire novel approaches towards cross-cultural exchanges specific to the United States and the Middle East. Together, they shared developed, and tested creative communication technologies and narrative techniques. CULTURUNNERS is a core component of the Edge of Arabia’s US tour – in partnership with Art Jameel – and ACT’s Culture Fabric research on cultural empathy. Over the course of three years, an evolving group of artists, scientists, and thinkers will cross the United States in the hope of investigating and experiencing commonalities interconnecting the narratives, economies, politics, cultures and landscapes between the US and the Middle East. Participants will use custom-built artistic technologies to map, archive, and broadcast the experiences of the travelers over the course of their tour.

Photo captions:
1- Storytelling Marathon, CULTURUNNERS symposium, ACT Cube, 2014.
2- Culturunners participants in front of the project RV, 2014.
3- Karina Silvester updating the event schedule, 2014.
4- Symposium participants interacting with installations, 2014.
5- Participants discussing fabrication, 2014.