Liquid Archive (FAST)

Liquid Archive, a floating, interactive artwork, imaginatively extends MIT’s Killian Court beyond Memorial Drive into the Charles River, to celebrate the Institute’s 150th anniversary. Consisting of an inflatable screen anchored to a floating platform, it provides a backdrop for dynamic projections. Visible from the banks of the Charles, an hour-long program will feature several original artist proposals conceived in 1972 as part of the Charles River Project, a series of environmental artworks conceived by the designers, artists and scientists associated with MIT’s Center for Advanced Visual Studies. Liquid Archive will bring these projects to life and demonstrate MIT’s renewed commitment to creating an energy efficient environment and environmental art on a civic scale.

Using an array of new media and performative strategies, the Liquid Archive will showcase the transdisciplinary collaborative mode so crucial to the success of both CAVS and MIT. At a key moment in MIT’s history, the pavilion will actualize the potentialities and energy of proposals, articulating the innovative and hopeful futurity that continues to be MIT’s driving force.